Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Uge time

So I finished day 2 of 3 working 8-5 downstairs in the main house and I have to say I was kind of dreading it actually. Just because of the long hours and I really don’t like being impatient with the kids just because I have had a long day. I think that was remedied though because I emailed Ash and asked her to pray for patience for me with the kids and if there was nothing else I could count on her for (there are many other things) but it’s praying for something when asked, and not asked for that matter. The first day with them was fun, though the mornings sometimes drag on between breakfast and lunch. Thankfully we went outside though and got to enjoy the nice weather (it’s a consistent 75 degrees during the day). When I walked in, the first person I saw was Lazaro and of course he wanted to be picked up. Even though he is the ‘man of the house’ he doesn’t get held very much for that very reason. When we walked into the main room he said hello to another nanny, Fridah, and said “Fridah? You know Kimba?” It was really cute and he continued with the sweetness yesterday. One of the other kids hit me in the face and I said no to him but that was it, I was going to move past it. Well, Lazaro decides it’s unacceptable and goes to one of the other nannies and informs her that Selemani has just hit me and needs to apologize. So the nanny tells him to say ‘pole’ (sorry) and he does and we all go about our day. The other nannies thought it was hilarious though that he was sticking up for me. I am not quite sure if the nanny I am ‘replacing’ is actually out of town. Clearly some things get lost in translation because I have tried to ask and I get nowhere. Either way, I have a great sidekick (more like I am her sidekick) who gives me clothes to put them in, helps me change them, and will clean the dirty nappies.

I don’t know that it has been revealed how that is done but it’s quite the process. To be simple and not go into much detail, we take the nappies with poo and there are 2 toilets on the counter with flushers on the wall and we have to flush and use a toilet bowl cleaner to remove any excess from the cloth nappies. I try to not do this as much as possible, though I am not as lucky as Rachel to have 4 potty trained children in my care. Each of my 6 kids is a 6 nappy a day kind of kiddo. Maybe that’s why I have a sidekick, though not likely at all given that the other nannies change 3 babies in the time it takes me to do one. I still haven’t mastered the large safety pin through the front of the nappy.

Well I realize that’s quite enough about the changing room. After just 12 days here I have found that I do certainly have favorites but for different reasons. While I would say I am a little girl lover at home, I much prefer the little boys here. Maybe because they are so sweet and gentle, unlike most little boys I know who don’t really show affection as much. I can be in the room and if James scans across and sees me, his little face lights up and if he’s not being held then he will run over to me. That alone is reason enough that he’s a favorite. Selemani (sele) is not as extroverted and you have to work to get a smile out of him but it is definitely worth it. I have finally gotten past Lazaro asking me what my name is and tonight he even told Rachel that I was in the room. Success!! I feel like he gets held less because he is the oldest boy so I like to hold him some while I’m down there. I can safely say that there are at least 7 kids that I would take home in a heartbeat.

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