Thursday, June 10, 2010

3 Malaria parasites? Is that bad?

I heard the laundry lady Helen outside singing “this is my story” and it made me think of church as a kid and of home. Definitely the small things that make you smile. Though it took Rachel to actually name the song because I thought it was “blessed assurance”. Anyhow, I had today off but I helped Ilse with more testing at 8am with Kurwa and not any progress with the development in her either. After that Ilse and I decided to take 2 of the babies to Tanz Hands for milkshakes and cake. I wanted to take James and Ilse took Jacob. It was a lot of work but it was fun. They were uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do but they got used to it and I got James chocolate cake and a chocolate milkshake. He loved it! I’m glad that he at least got a treat one day, but I would love to be able to take him back! After we got back, Rachel was upstairs for her lunch break and we both had avocado and tomato sandwiches. It’s not happening soon but we may get tired of avocados one day. Rachel and I walked down to the 7-11 (as they call it...see picture!!!) and got a coke and mendazi so a treat.

Ilse wasn’t feeling well so she wanted to go to the clinic to check for Malaria in Usa so I offered to go with her. I didn’t want her to go alone but also I wanted to see what this ‘clinic’ was like. It was an open-air place with about 8-10 different doors (see picture). We saw the doctor and he asked her some questions and wrote the answers down on a white piece of paper and then we went to the “laboratory”, which was a room with a cabinet of different liquids in jars and the nurse in there did not wear any gloves when she was getting some blood from Ilse. She also was using a microscope that looked like one I used in high school. We had to wait while she looked to see if it was Malaria. Then we went back to see the doctor, who wrote a prescription on the white piece of paper because Ilse apparently has it. Though, I have heard that they always say its Malaria. Anyhow, she went ahead and got the meds (they cost 15,000 shillings, or $10) because they couldn’t hurt. We also went to the market at Rotterdam and got some essentials (chick peas, bread, and long life milk). When we got back the Internet was working so I got to check my email and just relax until Rachel got done. It’s dinnertime yet again, so one of us will write soon! Love to all our family and friends who continue to read!


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  2. Please bring James home. Tell him I make good cake and we can start making milkshakes :)

    Love "this is my story..." :) I sang "It is well" to Georgia for a while the other night and she was so funny. She just layed in my lap and looked up at me so peacefully! It was sweet.

  3. Totally thought it was Blessed Assurance too!