Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here goes our day off!

So we had the day off today so we slept in until 11 and didn’t feel bad about it. We kind of felt bad but they were fine without us and it was our “day off”. I worked on writing emails and keeping up with my written journal while rach went downstairs to help Ilse with her measuring and weighing of the babies. I also had a long chat with Renate, who is from Germany, about life there and differences in our lives and since she has been here for 9 months already she has seen a lot of the towns. After Rach and Ilse came back around 1 we decided to walk down the road a bit and get some muffin type things that taste like funnel cake and a coke (so much for the Africa diet lol). There is also an artificial insemination center for cows down the road, as well as a danish school. After we munched on some fatty goodness we decided to go into Arusha since we haven’t been and need to go with someone the first time. We rode the dala dala there but this time we had seats, which is a good thing since its about 40 minutes to get there in one. Arusha is the closest big town to Usa and that is where most of the safaris leave from to go to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. They also have the Arusha National Park and tours leaving to go to other main parks as well. An interesting tid bit that we found out is that they are holding trials there at the United Nations for the Rwanda genocide and anyone can go sit in on them. Angie went a couple of times when she was here to watch. We changed our money to shillings while we were there and we were going to eat at a place call the Blue Herron but it was closed (Ilse said it’s closed every time she tries to go) so we ended up going to Via Via and eating hamburgers, pizza, and beer. Couldn’t really get more American than that I suppose. Oh and we had pancakes with nutella, and I’m only going off what rach said but she compared them to crepes in Paris so I will take her word for it. Anyhow, it was delicious nonetheless. We got a taxi back to the compound (as we are told to never ride dala dalas at night, and actually to only ever ride back with Ammas, who is our preferred taxi driver). The ride was an experience for sure considering that Ammas is extremely westernized. He played us Chris Brown, Jay-Z, and Rihanna songs the entire way and all he wanted to talk about was football (soccer) and how much he loves Manchester United and any other British teams. Interesting. So we are both off to bed considering that Rach has the nursery from 8-12 tomorrow and I have the big kid house from 8-5 so we certainly need our rest! Side note: for those that have been requesting pictures…we would love them too and we are certainly taking lots of pics but due to an internet connection that can be likened to dial up (though I am appreciative of any connection at all!!) we are slowly trying to put any up as of now. Thanks for keeping up with us though!


  1. So cool that you can watch the trials for the Rwanda genocide! You need to do that one day. And you should go to the cattle AI center :)

    funnel cake and coke - LOL.


  2. Pancakes + Nutella= LOVEEEEEE