Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day off

I slept till around 930 today (never thought I would say that was sleeping in so soon). We just sat around and both read our books until about 11 and then went to the market at Usa with Ilse. We hadn’t been before so that was an experience. It was very dirty but a good experience. We bought 4 tomatoes, 4 onions, cilantro, and 3 peppers, all for under $1. And I don’t mean 1 dollar each, they were all under 1-dollar total. Crazy! We came back to the apt and with the veggies we let them sit in the sink with potassium powder for about an hour to clean them. I didn’t know this but that’s what the other girls said. We had some lunch of mashed up chickpeas with onions and cilantro on pita bread. It was delicious! Then we sat around for a bit longer and read our books (clearly both Rachel and I are both really into our books right now). We were either going to go to Tanz hands and bring some kids or go to the Arumeru River lodge down the road and get some food so since it was already late and the kids have to be back by 5pm and we would want as much time with them as possible we decided to go to the lodge. The lodge is also where we can go to the pool if we pay 5000 shillings. They have a good restaurant there and we got to sit outside and relax and have some food. We got sandwiches and fries there, which were great. Rachel had a ham, cheese, and pineapple sandwich that was actually really good and I don’t even like pineapple. We saw this animal that we don’t have in the states called a dik dik that is like a small deer. It was cute but it was the oddest-looking thing I’ve ever seen. From there we walked back to the compound and Davona and max were leaving to head to the states so we told them goodbye. For the rest of the night we just hung out and relaxed and used the Internet, which had not been working for two days. Tomorrow starts our 3 days of working again. Rachel is doing the 8-5 and I am doing the ‘night shift’ for the first time so that should be fun because I like kids when they have just woken up. For those that continue to keep up and pray for us, it is much appreciated!

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