Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"I think a Jack Fruit could kill you if it hit you when it fell from the tree"

June 16, 2010

So after coming to the ADRA offices to use internet 2 days in a row now, supposedly it is being fixed on Thursday or just needs to be reset or something. If someone would show us how to do that I’m sure we could handle it. Did that have a hint of irritation in it? Yes? Well there was apparently a conversation had with an ADRA employee about our internet not working over at COL to which the reply was “it’s working great over here.” Helpful? No. And another conversation had with Davona and Max’s son (who is not a very pleasant person, surprisingly) to which he replied something like “so?”. This is where my slight irritation is coming from. But that is neither here nor there. Internet or no internet, I just don’t appreciate rude people. It’s a nice 2 minute walk from our home so who am I to complain? No one, that’s right J. Onto another subject, some teens from a private school in San Diego came to the home yesterday around 4 and stayed until almost 7. They got to see a good portion of the kids day, they helped feed and then saw them getting changed and get ready for bed. I thought it was cool that such young kids were doing this at such a young age because it was nowhere on my radar at 17 and 18 years old. It was funny because they were acting similar to the way I was on the first day here. They were concerned about the kids needing to be changed as soon as they were wet (that doesn’t happen), and us picking them up by one arm (that happens A LOT), to them making a mess of their food (happens every time). Nevertheless, I think it was a good experience. After work, rache and I decided that we wanted some spaghetti so I took to the task of making the sauce. All I had was a can of peeled tomatoes, and a can of tomato paste and so I went to town with ‘seasoning’. I may have gone overboard with the pepper, but who doesn’t like pepper, right? I know for sure everyone at 1788 Monroe would have loved it J. It was no ragu but it tasted good nonetheless. Rachel even made us garlic toast. If we had lit a candle it would have been the scene from Lady and the Tramp. I think that’s the right movie. Once the sauce was tasted to make sure it was edible, we invited Ilse to eat with us because we owed her a dinner from a previous night. It was very nice dinner with the 3 of us. After dinner, Ilse and I decided to wash the dogs because we were going to let them sleep in our apt last night and we refused to do it when they smelled so awful!! And side note, Georgia has never been that dirty in her life! We went to Davona’s house and did the washing because that is where the soap was and needless to say but they didn’t like the bath too much, and they liked the brushing following the bath even less. The white dog had so much stuff in his fur that we ended up just taking scissors to it. I don’t think Davona will mind, and she won’t be back for 2 months so she won’t even notice. He may have some crooked fur on his face but he just wouldn’t sit still any longer for me to “groom” him. There was talk of taking an electric razor to him but I was not going to be blamed for any mishaps that happened with that. It was a funny night though, and we carried them back to the house in their little doggie beds. Don’t worry, we took pictures!

So after all that excitement last night, 530am came very early and I did a first this morning. Since my sidekick was nowhere to be found, I think she gave up on me. JK! I got all of their nappies myself and folded them, as well as finding all of their outfits to put on them. That may sound easy for those of us at home with neatly organized closets but this is anything but neat and certainly not organized. It is different bins full of clothes that can fit a newborn to a 2 year old. So I must go through everything to find tops and bottoms and dresses and onesies. Also, the dirty clothes are not labeled so I just have to check a bin for food stains. And by the time I get there at 6am, all the other nannies have gotten the good clothes for their kids to wear so mine may have looked a bit like ragamuffins this morning. That’s fine, they were properly changed and clothed. After that I sat and played with them until 8. Which was actually only 30 minutes of playing because it takes me an hour and a half to changed and clothe 6 children. Does that seem too long? I did bathe one of them, and clean their nappies. Anyways…after that I went back upstairs and was going to go straight back to bed but was too hungry so since I had to throw away my bran flakes because they tasted like cardboard (literally), I was left to my own devices. That’s when the thought came to me. Cinnamon toast. Just like the way mom used to make it, minus actual cinnamon sugar, so just cinnamon and butter on toast but it was good and better than anything else I’ve had for breakfast. Somehow I just can’t get into hummus, avocado, and tomato sandwiches at 8am. Other than that busy day I slept and then went with rach to usa to get bread and then to our 7-11 to get cokes and mandazi’s. Well I am off to work again, i.e. off to hoard some pj’s for my kids (the nice fleece ones that zip from the foot to the neck)

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