Friday, June 11, 2010

Are we really here?

*Just a sweet picture of Anya, Clinton, Bahati, and Hope*

I hadn’t done the nursery before so I was excited to get to do it at least once while I was here. It was just an 8-12 shift and then I had the rest of the day free. I haven’t changed my tune about liking older babies but the babies were cute. I like the twins Rahim and Rahman. They are lively and smile a lot. I definitely liked the change of actually having diapers and wipes to use! That is a big change compared to soaked cloths. But it was a bit much sometimes with the crying in there. By the time you get finished feeding and changing 12 of them it’s time to do it all over again. And the fact that they aren’t robots, meaning they want to be held and played with, not just fed and changed. Though they are content with that for a while. The nanny in there was nice and at around 1045 she shared her tea and bread with me. It tasted like a pancake biscuit. After the continuous process of feeding, burping, and changing went on for 2 rounds it was time for me to go. I had a mashed chick pea sandwich with avocado for lunch and it was very tasty. I was going to help Ilse with her research but the baby was not cooperating so we decided to do it another day. After lunch and some light reading (of Instyle) Ilse and I got in a cleaning mood and swept the whole apt as well as washed the dish cloths, and wiped all the counters down. It’s kinda like once you start something you get a little crazy and need to finish. Rachel and I weren’t feeling making anything for dinner so we went to Tanz hands for an early bird dinner because they close at 6. I think today is just a wash of bad eating. 2 mandazi’s, a milkshake, and a coke. Oh well. Rachel is on day 4 of 6 working and tomorrow I start day 2 of 7 working so we were preparing for not being able to leave the compound for a few days. Anyways…not much to report

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