Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Rachel lala? No? Rachel cula? Yes

*Sele finally took his lip out of his mouth

So it’s officially one week before we go on safari and I have done 2 of 3 days 8-5 of my last 8-5 while I’m here. I prayed a lot this morning and all during the day as well that I would have patience with the kids and take the time to be present with them. I was even praying while I was cleaning their nappies (mostly to get rid of the “this is so disgusting” thoughts out of my mind) and just had to laugh at the ridiculousness that 1. It takes me so long to do it and 2. I’m not wearing any gloves so needless to say my hands ARE NOT clean when I finish. I feel like a doctor when I wash my hands after because I don’t just clean my hands, I wash up my arm as well. This will be hard for anyone in my family to imagine but I have never been so dirty in my life as I have here J. It was cute though because Sele was the last one that I changed and instead of going right back outside the door to go play he stood there stone faced and watched me clean for like 10 minutes. He would not move his position, and it wasn’t until Lazaro came in there to tell him that he needed his juice did he reluctantly go.

In the mornings some of the kids are so tired after breakfast that they can’t keep their heads up, this morning being one of those. Anya fell asleep on my chest and so I just laid down on the mat (wishing I could take a nap too). I don’t know how she slept with all the commotion on around here but she did. Hope kept asking me if Rachel was sleeping upstairs because I told her that once and apparently that’s all she thinks Rachel does while not with them. Hence where the quote came from, and she deducted that Rachel was eating and not sleeping. All we do is sleep and eat J

After their naps, 1 of the older kids, Dorcas, who is potty trained wet her bed and pooped in her underwear. She was taken into the back laundry room beside the changing room and the door was shut. I don’t know what Helen (the laundry lady) did or said but when Dorcas came back in she was crying and apparently had the fear of God in her. That’s certainly one way of potty training. I’m always the last to find out these things (because I am usually still in the changing room cleaning nappies) but Anya apparently had lice again (yes, the one that was sleeping on my chest all morning) and she got her head shaved. She was SO unhappy and cried for like 30 minutes about it. At least now it’s easy to tell her and Nina apart. Though since they are my kids I can tell by their hair or clothes I’ve put them in. Needless to say my hair started itching immediately and I am going to get Rachel to check my scalp later. Yuck!

I took Nina outside today for a walk. I’ve decided that it’s a better way to pass the time than just sitting inside with them on my lap, which makes me tired. Then we sat in the grass and Ebony (the dog) came and sat with us and she pet her for a while. Rachel and I essentially tag team it on these days so I was headed upstairs when she was going down to do the night shift.


  1. Chris may not let you in the house if you come home with lice. Can you even imagine his reaction!?!

  2. Kimberlie- I LOVE the picture of Selemani...what a rare and precious moment of him smiling. I can't believe you two have just one week left. Time sure has flown by. You'll have a great time on safari, can't wait to see pictures.
    I'm anxious to see the babies again in 3 weeks. Give Lowasa and Vickie big smooches from me please :)