Wednesday, June 2, 2010

12 hours...2 meat pies...and kutoka to Nairobi

So we arrived in Nairobi at 330am on Tuesday and our next flight to Kilimanjoro was not until 6pm. We had A LOT of time to kill and we weren’t leaving the airport so we found some fun there. This fun consisted of buying some postcards and eating meat pies with coke (2 for each of us to be exact). Other than that we slept on the floor the better part of the day. I have never slept in an airport before so that was an experience. Rachel and I took turns sleeping so that our stuff was safe, even though while we slept we had all of our bags wrapped around us so no one could take anything. While I slept she would read and while she slept I would read. Other than that we would people watch, drink water, Rach would rub her ever-expanding ankles, and stare at all the variety of chocolates the airport had to offer. Finally after all that time flew by (not) it was time to get on our 3rd and last flight in 2 days to our home for the next 30 days. It was a small plane so our bags had to get a little shoving to get in the overhead bin. We were also served a yummy snack of pineapple Fanta and cashews from Tanzania. It was a short flight, just 45 minutes, and we saw Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru on the descent into JRO. We had to fill out our forms and got our passports stamped again (yay) and there waiting for us was our bags! That was a sigh of relief for sure considering we were a bit weary about them actually making it all that way on all the flights. Also there waiting for us was Davona and her husband Max and 2 of their adoptive daughters Stacey and Mariah. The girls are too cute! We rode back to Usa River which took about 30-40 minutes. More to come about COL!

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