Saturday, June 26, 2010

20 toddlers with vicious ants in their pants….

Last week when I was working 8-5 we were all out enjoying the sunshine and our juice. I noticed lots of monkeys on the other side of the yard so one of the nannies suggested we walk the kids over there. Keep in mind there are 3 adults and about 20 toddlers all with different levels of ability walking. So we tramp through the yard and get half way there with our stream of kids when suddenly a few start screaming bloody murder and their eyes get as big a saucers. I notice on of the nannies starting to scream too and grabs Anya and starts stripping her (all clothes off and rips off her poopy nappie). With in a few seconds all 20 kids are paralyzed, crying and screaming. They have all been attacked by millions of the meanest ants alive. I grab two kids and run them back to the other nannies outside and repeat until all the kids are on the back porch. They are all still screaming and so we then strip each of them as quickly as possible and pick all the evil ants off. They were covered in them. They had ants in their pants, shoes, shirts, nappies, face, hair, everywhere! And these ants move faster than anything I have experienced in my life and hurt in way I cannot explain (way way way worse than fire ants, they also don’t live in ant hills so you can try to avoid them). Its strange though because after they bite or sting they don’t leave a mark or welp like other insects who bite do. It was a miserable nightmare of a situation and when you thought you got all the ants off of a kid and were moving on to the next screaming child, the other kid started screaming again because you missed one or more. They were all scared to go outside and scared to put clothes back on. I wish I could have a picture of the scene. Lots of naked screaming kids with poopy nappies all over the place. Looking back now, it was hilarious. I can now laugh because all of the kids are ok and hopefully it will never happen again.

The monkeys I saw are really cool though. I later found out that they are Colobus Monkeys, very shy and somewhat rare. They are pretty big and have huge, bushy white tales. We have seen them a few times since and I have added a picture of them so you can enjoy them with out risking your life by getting flesh eating ants in your pants.

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