Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cradle of Love

Kimber and I will be heading to volunteer at Cradle of Love, in Usa River, Tanzania. Cradle of Love is a baby home that takes in infants from newborn until they are about two years old, or able to eat solid food. The organization frequently takes in children who are not being taken care of, or no long have a mother who can feed them. Once they are old enough to be taken care of by the family, the child is often returned to relatives. Once babies are too old for COL, as we will refer to it from here out, they are either returned to family, adopted by a Tanzanian citizen, or moved to another home. We found this organization through Hallie, a friend of ours from church who spent time at COL a year or so ago.
COL asks its volunteers to spread awareness about the need in Africa, and so Kimber and I have sent out letters so close family and friends. We have been overwhelemed by the generous donations from people we love and cannot thank you all enough for the support. We are anticipating the opportunity to see that money at work saving and changing lives at COL.
While money is much needed at COL, Kimber and I also request the prayers of anyone who can support us in that way. We are hoping to be the hands and feet of Christ on this journey but know that we are only human, bound to fall short. Please pray for our strength, wisdom, courage and skills to fully give ourselves to the people of Tanzania for our brief 40 day journey.

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