Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Africa Bound!

It is official....Kimber and I will be traveling to Tanzania from May 30th through July 7th. I have been wanting to combine my love of babies with my passion for Christ for quite some time and everything has finally fallen into place. I am beyond excited and thankful for the opportunity to serve. I was set on going before I knew Kimber could join me and I cannot express how thrilled I am to share this experience with her.

A Little About Me....

I am 25 years old, live in Atlanta, GA and attend Peachtree Presbyterian Church as part of the 11o5 community. Right now, I am teaching 5th grade at Trinity School. I am completing my second year there, and have really enjoyed the people and students. However, after returning from Africa, I am headed to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to hopefully continue teaching. Lots of big changes going on in my life now, and I am filled with excitement for what is to come, and sadness for what I am leaving.

Family is very important to me, I have two older sisters, two brother-in-laws, two neices and three nephews! The Pearsons live in San Antonio and the Pa'us (as well as my parents until October) are living in England. While everyone is far away, they are much closer than Kuwait, S. Korea, Georgia, and Texas (which was the case not too long ago). I love to travel, meet new people and take pictures.

A Little About Kimber....

I'm 24 and also live in Atlanta and go to Peachtree Presbyterian Church. I live with my sister, her hubs, and my precious dog Georgia. I graduated from Georgia State as a psychology major and I want to go back to grad school to be a professional therapist. Until then, I'm nannying/babysitting, and working at a boutique in the highlands. I love my family, traveling, and experiencing new people and cultures.

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  1. So perfect that Georgia made the blog!!! I'll send you pictures of her often while you're gone :)