Friday, July 9, 2010

Rwanda Tribunal

So on Monday I was supposed to work in the nursery from 12-5 but I got my shift changed to the 8-12 shift so that I could go to Arusha and go to the criminal tribunal trials at the UN. I actually worked in the house from 8-12 because Rachel wanted to work in the nursery one last time and I much prefer the bigger kids.

Since Rachel was working all day I ended up going by myself. I rode the dala dala by myself for the first time and thankfully it wasn’t very crowded and I got a good seat and could see outside. I arrived there and all you have to do is give your passport and get a visitors badge and you’re good to go. When I got in there they had just finished the lunch break and were starting back up. Admittedly I don’t know that much about what happened and why besides a general knowledge. There was a witness being questioned by the defense. The witness was actually a colonel (bagasaur) who had already been tried and found guilty. The man who was actually on trial wasn’t even in the room but there was a lawyer for him as well as a lawyer for the witness. Thankfully I was sitting next to a woman from Sweden who has been living in Rwanda for the last few months and working at the Swedish embassy in kangali so she was able to tell me what was going on and who this guy was. It was really interesting and I am definitely glad that I went even though most of what was going on was lost on me. It would have definitely been more interesting for someone who followed it closely.

They finished a little before 5pm and I was going to meet Ilse at the Greek club because Holland was playing that night in the world cup and of course we had to go support. Rachel came and met us there after work and Almas came and met us as well to watch the game. Ilse and I stayed and watched the game after Holland won. It was a nice way to spend the night before going on safari!

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